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The Next Port
by Heyward Coleman

The Next Port is a bold and engaging memoir chronicling author Heyward Coleman’s five-year tour around the world with his wife. An exciting tale about sailing their 42-foot sailboat to uncharted territory, the book is a powerful testament to living life that reminds readers that dreams can come true.

The book is paperback, 330 pages, and filled with photographs and charts that describe their exotic travel adventures.


“And after the Panama Canal we would head for the French Marquesas, Indonesia and then through the Straits of Malacca, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea”…and so the dream begins.

The Next Port is a memoir and travelogue by Heyward Coleman of his experience navigating over 40,000 miles in his 42-foot sailboat, Skimmer. The book chronicles the realization of a lifelong dream of the author and his wife to explore the world on a sailboat and is a powerful testament to the life and love that flourished during their five-year voyage. As the couple is plunged into the landscape and flavor of foreign lands and cultures, they learn the complexities of navigating the high seas—and themselves. The experience proves to be a whirlwind of battling storms, overcoming mechanical difficulties and celebrating new friends and exotic locales, opening a door to the world—one port at a time.